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Dream of Having a Business That Produces Predictable and Consistent Streams of Income?
But frustrated with your lack of progress and the confusing/competing advice in the marketplace?
Design Launch Grow is a powerful framework that guides you step-by-step through the process of turning your idea into a viable business, successfully launching your product into the world and growing it into a income producing machine.
No One Thought it Would Happen
Eleven years ago I decided to start my own business.  

None of my friends and family expected much.  They assumed I would play around for awhile and then find a 'real job'.

To be fair, I had no idea what I was doing.  At the time, marketing, funnel building and advertising seemed like foreign languages.  Even logging into WordPress made me nervous.  
I Was Committed to My Dream
But I knew something they didn't.  After spending 13 years working in corporate America, there was NO WAY I was going back to that!  The office politics, backstabbing and lack of control over my future almost crushed my soul.

I had to make this business work, because I was never doing that again!
The Seeds Were Planted
Admittedly, my initial results were minimal.  Lots of long hours with very little income.  To be honest, the people working at McDonalds were earning a lot more per hour than I was!  Those were very lean days.

But I knew the long-term potential of my business.  I knew my life would forever be changed if I could just get it rolling.

I put in long days and worked almost every weekend.  Along the way, I made multitudes of mistakes (some of them quite embarrassing).  But I was determined to keep pushing forward.
There Had to be a Better Way!
While I was making headway, progress was slow.  At the pace I was going it was going to take a loooong time to make any serious money.

I knew there had to be a better way.  I met so many entrepreneurs who were having loads of success.  What did they know that I didn't?
Success Leaves Clues
This led me on a journey of discovery that hasn't stopped today.  I bought every marketing course I could find.  I joined masterminds and coaching groups so I could ask questions and get help.  

I needed to know what they knew!

Slowly but surely the pieces began to fall in place.  As I studied these successful people, I began to see patterns emerge.  One day it finally clicked.  They were all using variations of the same basic strategy!
Everything Started to Change
I applied this strategy to my business and amazing things started to happen.

Sales started to come in on a regular basis.  The business was now generating income I previously only dreamed of.  Eventually, the business grew to the point where it was generating over $3 million a year!

Gone were the days of scraping by.  The business was now humming and money was no longer an issue.

I was even able to win the 2 Comma Club award from ClickFunnels for generating over a million dollars through a single marketing funnel.
Design Launch Grow
What I learned from these experts boiled down to three essential things.
  • Design your business so it runs itself with minimal stress.
  • Launch your product with the right funnel and strategy so customers line up to buy it.
  • Grow your business with systems and teams that maximize your profits.
On Their Way to Success, All These Entrepreneurs Invested Heavily in the Same Three Things
They Acquired the Right Tools
One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is chasing shiny objects. 

They see a new piece of software that looks cool and spend lots of money on it.

Six months later, the software is sitting there unused and the money wasted.

Successful entrepreneurs know the right tools to use and keep their focus on maximizing them to generate sales.
They Invested in the Right Training
It's been said that earners are learners.  I definitely agree with this statement.

If you want to become an expert at something and achieve significant levels of success, you must invest in trainings that show you step-by-step how to achieve your goal.

But they don't just buy random trainings and hope to piece it all together (especially when some of the advice starts to conflict with other trainings).

They find content they know is proven to work and stay with it until they replicate the success in their own business.
They Hired a Great Coach
Let's be honest.  One of the biggest problems entrepreneurs face every day is themselves.

Being a full-time entrepreneur is an exciting journey.  It is also filled with doubt, second-guessing and fear.

Will this campaign work?  Am I going to make any money?  Can we deliver on what we promised?  These thoughts creep into all our minds on a regular basis.  

The way to fortify yourself and overcome this is to have a coach who can speak into your life.  They help us sort out difficult situations, overcome our fears and push forward with our dreams.

If you arm yourself with the right tools, knowledge and support you will become unstoppable!

Building a Business That Brings in New Customers Every Day on AutoPilot is Within Your Reach
If I Did It, You Can Do It Too
My background isn't special.  I grew up on a farm in central Iowa and spent my days fishing and dreaming of playing baseball.

I don't have an Ivy League education.  

I didn't have any special connections or contacts.

I simply had a passion to be in business for myself and a willingness to learn.

I spent years discovering the secrets to growing a successful business and am now sharing them with the world.
You Only Need One Funnel to be Successful
The most successful entrepreneurs I've followed don't have 20 different marketing funnels offering 20 different things.  They have one funnel (two at most) generating all their sales.  Only after they've maximized that funnel do they move on to the next one.

It's all too easy for business owners to get caught up in shiny object syndrome and hop from one idea to another.  This results in them never fully developing an idea and creating a sustainable income.
Why Do So Many Entrepreneurs Do That?
From working with beginning entrepreneurs for the last 11+ years, I've found this mistake is made because…

… they simply don’t understand the secret to creating successful campaign that can be put on virtual autopilot bringing in new customers every day.

I’ve found that:
  • They don’t know how to build a funnel that automatically turns strangers into prospects, prospects into leads, leads into customers and customers into raving fans.
  • ​They don't know how to craft an enticing offer that draws people to them, credit card in hand.
  • ​They don't know how to create a steady stream of traffic that sends people to their offer.
As a result, they lose heart, think funnels don't work, online advertising is a scam and question whether anyone is actually making any money.

I can assure you this does work.

But you need to develop a simple, predictable, repeatable system that brings in customers daily and avoids relying on a haphazard shotgun approach that hops from one idea to the next.

Another BIG problem and, perhaps, a more serious one is what seems like the never ending growth of so called online business experts popping up today!

What You Don't Realize Is...
Many of these self-proclaimed experts have never created a highly successful business themselves and are only repeating what they hear everyone else say!

Some of these people are legends in their own minds with their so-called 'expertise' and now think they can ‘coach’ others to do something they've never done!
These ‘pop up experts' are telling people:
  • You just need to throw up a sales funnel.
  • Post videos on social media and sales will magically come! 
  • When that doesn't work, create another funnel and do it again.
  • ​And again, and again, and again...
I call this the fairy tale approach to business building.  It all sounds good, but it has no basis in reality.
Fairy Tales Don't Build Successful Businesses!
I've met far too many people who...  
  • Have built the funnels but still have no sales.
  • Post constantly on social media but no one is clicking.
  • Have tied to sell multiple products with little to no success.
Funnels Aren't Magical Unicorns
Too many people think all they need to do is throw up a funnel and customers will magically come in. This approach is DEAD WRONG because it ignores certain basic facts.
  • You have to build the right funnel based on who your audience is.
  • The copy on your pages is hugely important in making sales.  A haphazard strategy won't get the job done.
  • Not all audiences are created equal.  You must know how to attract the RIGHT PEOPLE to your page.
  • ​You don't need lots of different products.  Instead, you only need ONE funnel selling ONE product.
We’ve Got Your Back!
Our approach, after 11+ years of running my own online business and coaching thousands of entrepreneurs is different.  We don't just sell programs and walk away.  We care deeply about our clients and invest heavily in their success.
We show our clients...
  • How to choose the right funnel for their offer.
  • How to write the copy on their pages so it move people to take action.
  • How to identify their ideal prospect and how to find them online.
  • ​How to send regular traffic to their offer to generate consistent sales.
I've researched thousands of business models and marketing ideas/strategies.
And the Design Launch Grow framework is what all of them were based on.

I've used this framework to sell thousands of clients into our programs.

And generate millions of dollars in revenue.

In different niche markets. 

From countries all around the world.

Day after day, month after month.
So, who are we and why should you listen to us?
I’m David Branderhorst co-founder of Design Launch Grow and I’ve been running my online business since 2010.
From creating marketing funnels, designing the entire structure for my business, to running millions of dollars worth of Facebook advertising I've pretty much done it all. 

I've created successful marketing campaigns in a variety of niches by applying the same framework and strategies I share inside Design Launch Grow.

During that time I've had the pleasure of working with thousands of entrepreneurs, helping them fulfill their God-given destiny and take the dream inside their hearts out into the world.
I’m Chris McClure, co-founder of Design Launch Grow.

After serving 20+ years as a full-time pastor, I ventured out on my own to start a business in 2015. I learned many hard lessons along the way about building something valuable and sustainable from the ground up.

I have a passion for helping entrepreneurs learn and implement the critical steps required to getting their businesses out into the world so they can make the impact and income they desire.

I believe entrepreneurs can radically change the world with valuable products and services! That’s why I wake up each day with energy and enthusiasm to teach and serve our clients.
Our methodology and approach is focused on growing your online business by attracting your perfect prospects and converting them into a happy, long term customers.
So Now That I Have Your Attention,
Let Me Ask You This: 
Question: Do have sales being made on your site on a daily basis?

Question: Do you have a predictable, consistent income stream in place?

Question: Do you have an automated marketing campaign that naturally lead your prospects to the decision that YOU and your product are the answer they’ve been looking for?

Question: Are you getting all the new customers you want, whenever you want them?

Question: Do you have a defined customer path that not only welcomes them, helps them become part of your community, gets them a quick win AND turns them into raving fans, fast?
If You Answered “No” To Any Of The Questions Above, Then Keep Reading Because Today Can Be The Last Time You Answer “No” And Start To Answer “YES”
Because …
Design Launch Grow
Teaches you the SAME FRAMEWORK I used to create a business that generated $3 million a year in revenue.  We'll show you how to convert your perfect prospect into your IDEAL customer consistently and predictably.
Design Launch Grow is ideal for entrepreneurs who are fed up with conflicting advice.
Who are discouraged by their attempts to do it on their own.

But know in the depth of their soul that success is possible!

When you tap into my 11+ years of successfully marketing and selling online it will be like having me on your marketing team!
No more...
  • Conflicting/confusing advice.
  • Attempting to do it all on your own.
  • Hopping from one idea to the next with no tangible success.
  • ​Struggling with little to no sales.
You get exactly what you need to create predictable campaigns that attract your ideal prospect.  Prospects who come eager and happy to buy your products!

They come knowing you and your products are the perfect place to find the answers, guidance and support for the questions and help they need.

Once you master this powerful skill of creating predictable and consistent new customer campaigns for your business, you'll be able to bring in more revenue than you dreamed possible and your life will never be the same.
With Design Launch Grow…
You'll be able to bring in MORE new customers on a predictable and consistent (even daily) basis
  • By following a proven framework responsible for millions in revenue.
  • ​With coaches dedicated to answering your questions and helping you succeed.
  • ​You'll gain access to a library of training resources that give you step-by-step instructions for what you need to do.
Your confidence and certainty about your ability to create a successful business will explode once you get the knowledge, help and support you need inside Design Launch Grow.
You'll attract customers who are ideal for your business.

Customers who will buy multiple products and services.

Who will get great results from your product.

And become loyal advocates of you, your brand and your business!
When You Join Design Launch Grow You'll Know Exactly How To Convert Prospects Into Customers
How to regularly bring in new customers WITHOUT using hype or hard sell tactics.
You'll be able to use a PROVEN campaign that demonstrates you are the person who can help them.

And your site is the place your prospects belong.

You'll be able to do all of this with an automated hands-off campaign once it's set up.
"Genuinely Cares About My Success..."
"I highly recommend David's services. Not only do you get a business coach with a great skill set, you also get one who is supportive and not afraid to shoot straight with you when you start down a rabbit hole. He genuinely cares about my success and cares about the results I receive. It's truly a collaboration. Without his expertise and guidance, I don't feel I'd be as far along with my business development."
Chellie Phillips
Here's What's Included In
Design Launch Grow
Join Design Launch Grow today and get access to everything listed below.
Do you know why so many entrepreneurs are stressed out and exhausted?  It's because they built their business the wrong way.  What they created was a system that was 100% DEPENDENT on them.  When something breaks, they fix it.  When a customer has a question, they answer it.  When revenue needs to be generated, they get busy making sales.

This is a recipe for a very unhappy life.

If you want something better.  If you want a business that takes care of you, rather than the other way around then need to Design your business the right way!
  • Develop a product you know your customers are hungry to buy!
  • ​Structure your offer so it is vastly superior to your competitors.
  • ​Design a buyers journey that keeps your customers buying more from you.
  • ​Build systems and teams that run your business for you.
  • ​Structuring your business to provide maximum protection and tax savings.
VALUE: $797
Most entrepreneurs launch a product that is poorly structured and communicated.  As a result, they see very few sales.

What if you could learn how to launch your product THE RIGHT WAY?  Through our proprietary DLG launch model, we guide you step-by-step through the launch process so your offer becomes irresistible.  When you learn how to structure your offer correctly, you will no longer struggle to get buyers. 
  • Choose a funnel perfectly designed for your type of product.
  • ​Create an offer your customers will find truly irresistible.
  • ​Write copy that moves people to take action and buy.
  • Send a steady stream of your perfect prospects to your offer.
  • Automate the entire process so it runs on autopilot.
VALUE: $897
Once you've successfully launched your offer, it's time to grow it to new heights.

We'll show you how to take an existing funnel and crank up the results so every customer produces an even greater profit.  From there we teach you how to structure your buyer's journey so customers will continue to upgrade to more premium level products.
  • Increase the revenue received from every customer going through your funnel.
  • Create premium offers your existing customers will go crazy for and dramatically increase your profits.
  • Locate new streams of perfect prospects for your offer.
  • ​Build an email list you make offers to anytime you want.
  • Streamline the entire process using automated funnels and software.
VALUE: $997
To be successful in your business, you need sound advice.  Someone to show you the best path to take.  Having a strong coach can save you tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses and greatly accelerate your progress.

And not just anyone, but someone who has actually done the thing you seek to do.  An experienced hand who can guide the way.
  • Get answers to your specific questions.
  • Utilize an experienced coach to show you the exact steps to take.
  • Get help no matter where you are in your business journey.
  • Follow a proven plan that works!
  • Never be lost or confused on what decision to make ever again.
VALUE (12 MONTHS): $7,350
How often have you said 'If I only had a step-by-step checklist, I would know exactly what to do!'  

We know how you feel.  Having a roadmap to your destination can make the difference between wandering around in circles and arriving at your destination on time.

Our monthly workshops will show you exactly what you need to be doing in your business now and give you step-by-step instructions for implementing it.
  • Cutting edge training on strategies that are working now.
  • Step-by-step checklists showing you exactly what to do.
  • The support you need to implement everything we teach.
  • The ability to ask questions about your specific situation.
  • Everything broken down in an easy to follow format.
VALUE (12 MONTHS): $2,364
Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely road.  There are days where you doubt and second guess yourself.  Did I make the correct choice?  Am I going in the right direction?

In times like these, it is imperative you have a community that will inspire, encourage and support you.  A support system that will ensure you don't give up and walk away.  That's exactly what Design Launch Grow community is designed to do.  Keep you in the game and moving forward.
  • Community of like-minded entrepreneurs dedicated to supporting each others success.
  • Opportunity to get feedback for your ideas.
  • Accountability to stay on track with your goals.
  • ​Encouragement and support to keep taking action.
  • Inspiration from all of the amazing businesses being launched.
When You Join Today,
You’ll Also Receive These Three Bonuses
Are you aware every highly successful offer has 10 attributes that make it irresistible?  If you have an offer that isn't selling well, it's likely you don't have all 10 of these.
  • The 10 key elements to every successful offer and why you need them.
  • Never be confused why an offer isn't selling again.
  • ​Know exactly how to construct your offer for maximum sales.
  • Scale your offer to heights never before imagined.
VALUE: $127
One of the biggest questions I get is what should the price of my product be?  Price your product too high and you could lose sales.  Too low and you will be giving away hard earned money that should be yours.

In this bonus training, I show you exactly how to go about pricing your product for maximum sales and profit.
  • Always know the perfect price to sell your product for.
  • How to position your product so it is the best value in the marketplace.
  • Discover ways to enhance your product and raise the price without losing sales.
  • Know exactly where your competitors fall short and how to take advantage of it.
VALUE: $87
We all know marketing funnels are the key to a successful online business.  However, which kind of funnel should you choose?  Certain funnels work better for certain products.

We break out the right type of funnel for you to build based on the type of product you have.
  • Know exactly which type of funnel to use for your specific product.
  • The 10 funnel types you need to know.
  • Which funnels are perfect for single product offers.
  • How to use one funnel to stack multiple offers for maximum profit.
VALUE: $87
Total Value: $12,706
Get Started Today for Only $19
Test drive Design Launch Grow for the next two weeks for ONLY $19! 

Thereafter, the program is just $147 per month.  No long-term commitments.  Cancel anytime.
Why Are We Offering This at Such a Low Price? 
First of all, we believe it is our mission to help as many entrepreneurs as possible.  There are vast numbers of business owners with amazing products/services but no understanding of how to market them.  As a result, their products sit on the shelf and the world never benefits.  We know if we help you succeed, we will change the world by getting your products into the hands of your customers.

Secondly, we want to WOW you!  We believe you will get so much amazing value from this program you'll want to be a customer for life.  Our dream is to create a network of amazing entrepreneurs that rally around each other and help each other succeed.

Lastly, we know early-stage entrepreneurs don't have huge budgets.  We want to make this program as affordable as possible for everyone to join.  In other words, we used to be you!
Save Time, Money and Sanity
You could waste countless months trying to figure everything out on your own.  Or spend thousands of dollars on courses with no one to show you how to implement it. 

Give Design Launch Grow a test drive today without risking a lot of capital.  You will quickly see it is the best investment you can make as a business owner.
Think About This
How many new customers do you need to recoup your investment?  
One... Two... Five... Less Than One?
With just a small number of sales you will easily recoup your investment.  And we both know when you follow our framework you will have a lot more than a couple new customers.
Let's Make This Easy for You
We are so confident you will find Design Launch Grow to be the best business coaching program in the market today we've decided to remove all the risk.

Take Design Launch Grow for a test drive for the next 14 days for the low price of only $19!  
Watch any/all of the training videos.
Get your specific questions answered on our weekly coaching calls.
Join one of our monthly workshops.
If you aren't 100% satisfied with everything you get, simply cancel your membership and you'll never pay another cent.  If you let us know within 14 days of your initial purchase we'll even refund your trial membership fee.

Keep your membership only if Design Launch Grow meets all of your expectations and then you'll only pay $147 a month.  No long term commitments.  Cancel anytime.
Here's Our Promise to You
We're 100% confident you’re going to love Design Launch Grow. You’re getting access to the same framework I’ve used to generate millions of dollars of sales.
This isn’t a magic pill though.

You have to do the work and implement what you learn.

You have to follow instructions and FORGET what you think you know, ignore any assumptions you may have heard and implement the DLG framework.

I’m not promising you’ll generate millions in revenue like I did… because it would be illegal for me to make promises like that.

But what I CAN promise you, is you’ll have my exact framework… my unique step-by-step process I’ve used to generate millions in sales in my own business, year after year.

Keep in mind, how many sales you make has to do with how well you implement what you learn, the traffic you send to your new campaign and how well you look after those new customers.

However, if you join Design Launch Grow and aren't 100% satisfied with what you receive, just let us know within 14 days of your initial purchase and we'll refund your trial membership fee.
Why You Should Invest In Design Launch Grow Right Now Rather Than Tomorrow or Next Week?
Listen, I'm not going to use false scarcity or fake countdown buttons.  

I don’t have to.

Our results speak for themselves.

But let me ask you this…

At the beginning of 2020 did you think the year would turn out as it did?

That world crisis was certainly a wake-up call for all of us.

Things can, and have, changed in an instant.

If there’s anything this situation has taught us it’s this..
NOW Is The Time To Take Action
Imagine this...

You make the right decision and invest in Design Launch Grow.  And you only manage to bring in one new client each week.

If you put off the decision until next month, that’s FOUR new clients lost.

Multiply that by what you charge.

Now multiply that by 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and even 12 months.

That’s how much potential income you could lose.

Now imagine acquiring 2 new customers a day.

5 new customers a day.

Or even 10 new customers a day.

How much ‘lost' revenue is that for you?
Design Launch Grow Puts You In The Drivers Seat Of Your Business and Your Life
When you have a high performing, predictable and consistent campaign making sales everyday, YOU decide how fast you want your business to grow.
You decide how many new customers you want.

You can predict your income with confidence.
You Call The Shots
Don’t leave the success of your business to chance.

Don’t try to build a business by taking miscellaneous tips and strategies from so-called 'experts' and attempt to weave them into a comprehensive business plan.

Follow a proven process, get the coaching and support you need to help you create a custom plan that meets your needs and make adjustments along the way.
Do Not Wait Another Day
The longer you wait, the more it will cost you in lost revenue and lost opportunity.

Let's get your business moving and creating the life you desire.
What do you have to lose?

Test drive Design Launch Grow for the next two weeks for ONLY $19! 

Thereafter, the program is just $147 per month.  No long-term commitments.  Cancel anytime.
Test Drive All The Training Modules, Monthly Workshops, Weekly Coaching Calls, Community Support And Bonuses For Less Than The Cost Of A Meal Out For Two
GROW Module
Weekly Coaching Calls
Monthly Workshops
DLG Community
Bonus #1: 10 Keys to an Irresistible Offer
BONUS #2: Price Your Product for Maximum Sales 
BONUS #3: Choose the Right Funnel for Your Product
$797 Value
$897 Value
$997 Value
$7,350 Value (12 Mos)
$2,364 Value (12 Mos)
$127 Value
$87 Value
$87 Value
DESIGN Module              $797 Value
LAUNCH Module             $897 Value
GROW Module                $997 Value
Weekly Coaching Calls
$7,350 Value (12 Mos)
Monthly Workshops
$2,364 Value (12 Mos)
DLG Community              Priceless
10 Keys to an Irresistible Offer 
Price Your Product for Maximum Sales    $87
Choose the Right Funnel for Your Product    $87
Total Value: $12,706
Get Started Today for Only $19
Test drive Design Launch Grow for the next two weeks for ONLY $19! 

Thereafter, the program is just $147 per month.  No long-term commitments.  Cancel anytime.
Are You Ready?
Are you ready to Design, Launch and Grow the business of your dreams?

Is it time to make your dream a reality?

It won't happen by accident.

It won't happen without a proven plan and a strong support system.

Design Launch Grow is the answer you've been waiting for.

Don't waste another day.

Gabe Landes

"Clarity to Go in the Right Direction"
“In my coaching sessions with Chris, I was able to clarify the steps I needed to take in my business and got going in the right direction. Chris was an excellent coach, encourager, listener and offered valuable wisdom. He also asked me a lot of good -- and hard -- questions which made me think at a deeper level."
With Design Launch Grow you’ll have a proven framework to follow that will allow you to create a business that can be run on virtual autopilot so you see new customers joining your business on a regular (even daily) basis.
Let's get started!
Total Value: $12,706
Join Today for Only $19
Test drive Design Launch Grow for the next two weeks for ONLY $19! 

Thereafter, the program is just $147 per month.  No long-term commitments.  Cancel anytime.
We look forward to helping you to build the business of your dreams!
David Branderhorst & Chris McClure
P.S. Remember you are fully covered by our money back guarantee if for some ‘out of this world reason’ you aren't completely satisfied within the next 14 days, we’ll give you your trial membership fee back, no questions asked!
Imagine this …

If, before the next few weeks have passed, customers start buying your product and services on a regular and PREDICTABLE basis.

What would that do for your cashflow?

What would that mean for your own confidence?

How would that change your life?

The choice is yours.
Test drive Design Launch Grow for the next two weeks for ONLY $19! 

Thereafter, the program is just $147 per month. No long-term commitments. Cancel anytime.
Frequently Asked Questions
How much time is required?
DLG is designed for you to go at your own pace. Whether you want to go extremely fast or take a more measured approach, we will support you every step of the way.
What Type of Business is Design Launch Grow Suited for?
DLG is perfect for entrepreneurs who have a product/service that will benefit their fellow mankind and are looking for help in how to communicate their offer and build a successful business online.
Who is Design Launch Grow not for?
DLG is not a good fit for people who do not yet have an idea of what they want their business to be, or are just looking to make a fast buck regardless of what they sell.
How Fast Can I Start to See Results?
If you have an existing product and a reasonable sized email list, then results can be seen fairly quickly.  If you are starting from scratch, it will take more time.  However, this is not a one hit wonder program.  The ultimate result we are working to create is a sustainable, repeatable offer that will take care of you over the long haul.
Is Everything Available Immediately?
Yes.  You get access to the entire program immediately with your trial membership.
Is There a Guarantee?
Of course!  If you join Design Launch Grow and aren't 100% satisfied with everything you receive, just let us know within 14 days of your initial purchase and we'll refund your trial membership fee.
I Don't Have My Product Finished Yet, is DLG Still Right for Me?
Absolutely!  This is actually the best time to join.  Before you create something that will have to be fixed later, let us help you structure your product, offer and business in such a way that it will be positioned for maximum success.
How Long Do I Have Access to the Program?
You will have access to 100% of the trainings, resources, coaching calls and monthly workshops for as long as you are an active member.
Test drive Design Launch Grow for the next two weeks for ONLY $19! 

Thereafter, the program is just $147 per month.  No long-term commitments.  Cancel anytime.
"This site is not a part of the Facebook website or Facebook Inc. Additionally, This site is NOT endorsed by Facebook in any way. FACEBOOK is a trademark of FACEBOOK, Inc."

"DISCLAIMER: Using the systems inside this membership program is not a guarantee of success or a certain level of income. The information is based on my personal experience and those of my clients. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. Success requires consistent effort and action."
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